John the Baptist's Hissy Fit

John came out from the wilderness

to tell people the hurtful truth.

Incapable of sugar-coating,

he might’ve seemed uncouth.

People came to him for insurance;

guaranteeing the safety of their souls,

but their hearts weren’t in the right place.

They needed to set some new goals.

John basically cracked it at them;

saying rich-in-faith ancestry is cheap.

Prove by the way that you live,” he said;

climb out of your comatose deep.

Scared, they asked, “What should we do?”

A question worth asking today.

Simply put, he tells us to be honest,

and give half of our stuff away.

Minimalism and integrity

seem to matter to God.

You can’t be compassionate and help the oppressed,

when you’re a self-serving tightwad.

I would go further than John,

in saying, it’s easy to pretend

to be generous, when your buying gifts

for yourself and all your friends.

Look beyond your first world circle

and those who are easy to love.

Our way of consumption doesn’t help the poor.

God is below, not above.

Loosen your grip on the shiny stuff

and you’ll become more whole.

No point bothering about life after death,

if you’ve already lost your soul.

Who do you think would make John the Baptist

throw a hissy fit?

A Mercedes-driver with a tithing habit

or a minimalist who gives a shit?