I’m passionate about vulnerability and authenticity in my writing.

So I write a lot of redemptive poetry. I’m honest about the yucky moments of life and spend time reflecting on the sweet things in life. Sometimes I just write as an observer. More than anything, I want my poetry to be accessible and relatable. I want it to be encouraging, funny and sometimes, healing.

So everything here is free.

But I’m not getting paid for it. We are a one income household as we decided it was important that one of us be at home when our daughter was born. It was as a new mother that I discovered my passion for writing and using it to connect with people.

I hope to be published one day. In the meantime, I would be immensely grateful for your support if you’ve found that my poetry has helped you. Though there’s no cost to reading my work, I do offer a few little perks just for my patrons.