About Me

It’s painfully unoriginal to see ‘About Me’ pages and Instagram bios begin with, “I’m a mom, a wife and a Jesus lover.”

For starters, I’m not a mom. I’m a mum; one of those resourceful creatures belonging to the Marsupial family you’ll find lurking around for food in Australia.

And in the interests of being truthful, I am also a wife to someone who is a husband.

To complicate things further, I do think Jesus is the bee’s knees. However, I currently feel like I’m wading through a hive full of honey, struggling to get anywhere, as I try to figure out how to ooze love and compassion as He did without shitting all over people, animals and the planet, as I have watched many ‘Christians’ do.*

Lord help us all.


*Unlike many actual Christians who are trying…along with Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, non-religious folk and so on.