Everyday Poetry


Hello there and welcome aboard.

Perhaps you’re here because you are bored.

Or maybe you have some time up your sleeve,

while you pretend to be on sick leave.

Honest or not, you’re welcome here.

As long as as you’re not sabotaging your career.

You’ve probably got some bills to pay

and bullet points to add to your resumé.

Unless of course you want to quit,

because your job makes you feel like shit.

It could be that you need a new perspective.

Unless you’re just being ineffective

due to apathy or laziness.

Or workplace politics craziness.

Maybe your team is a bunch of jerks.

You might even feel you’re entitled to more perks.

Perhaps this path is not the right fit.

But is that something you’re willing to admit?

If this poem gives you the courage to walk away,

You’re welcome and I hope you see happier days.

Whether you dislike or enjoy your work,

I invite you to stick around and have a lurk.

My job is to write pieces that will help you:

Question what you’ve always thought was true,

Laugh with your belly when you’re stuck with a frown,

Feel less lonely when you’ve been run down,

Wrack your brain and leave you thinking,

Find a life-jacket when your boat is sinking.

Send me your thoughts and poem requests,

Make yourself at home, don’t be uptight guests.

Poems don’t have to be nonsensical and make your head hurt;

They’re meant to make you feel something and be eaten for dessert.